To buy or to rent in Halkidiki?

To buy or to rent in Halkidiki?

There is a country that is the eternal symbol of tranquility, the perfect calmness itself. There is a country where you can be completely at ease, where your soul finds a home, your body is relieved, your happiness –flawless. Greece. Today the economic crisis is something this country is well-known with, you are reading articles and you are watching TV, seeing too many people on the squares shouting and raising slogans, you may be somehow confused, you may be impressed, but there is something mystical and old that makes this country so attractive and it is not the beautiful endless beaches only or the perfectly azure sea, it is not the nature or the wonderful cuisine whose tastes are to be remembered, but the whole atmosphere.

The salty and hot air is full of emotions, the temperament Greeks are always laughing and screaming happily, not fighting, but lying on the beach for hours, being so careless and free.

There is something hidden in the calm sea, with no waves, something hidden in that place where years, thousands of years ago, the ancient people lived, there is something that attracts you, makes you never leave or at least come back again and again, forever. Halkidiki, the magical peninsula, the charming northern part of the country that is still a little bit wild, being able to offer everything you may possibly want. Halkidiki is the place to be, for sure, your summer home, your winter rescue, your tranquility and joy. Go there and … stay there!

To rent 

greece-430327_1280If you have never been in Greece before (oh, what a shame!), buy a ticket to Thessaloniki, the northern capital of Greece, a magnificent city with history, spirit and something more and only in a couple of hours you will be in the heart of Halkidiki. And yes, I believe that you should rent one of the loveliest little houses with white walls and blue roofs, with a small garden in the back and a really old olive tree. Rent a house and stay there for a week, walk through the small lumpy streets, meet the natives, who will not be able to talk with you in English, but will so passionately tell you so much in Greek that their expressions would be more than enough for you to fall in love with them, their lifestyles, their wisdom and their country.

To buy 

After your one week holiday, you will leave with the desire to come back, you will be counting the days till the next summer, you will be keeping your memories fresh, your swimsuit ready and your heart full of joy. And then eventually you will clearly understand that buying a house here, in Halkidiki, is like buying an eternal ticket to happiness. So, don’t wait for so long, contact a real estate agent, find your house, the one that makes you feel safe and delighted, the stunning one which will be your home. And I guarantee you that there is no moment for buying a house better than this one.