Is end of tenancy cleaning expensive?

Is end of tenancy cleaning expensive?

My rental agreement is running out very soon and I am not thinking of renewing it. I have decided to move a bit closer to where I work and to find a property that would better suit my needs. I have already chosen a couple of properties to look at but what worries me is my end of tenancy cleaning which I have to perform at the end of my tenancy agreement.I have never done anything like that as this is my first rental property so I have no idea what I am supposed to do. Click To Tweet

Luckily for me, the search engines are brilliant and all the information I need is stored there. I can also find comments made by people who have used end of tenancy cleaning services before and who have shared their experience with all those who are now needing such help.

I have realized that cleaning the property by myself is not an option as I am way too busy to spare time to do it. That is why I have decided to hire professional help and I started my research to see how much I would need to pay for my two-bedroom flat. End of tenancy cleaning prices start as low as £120 for two bed, one bath property. I had paid £700 deposit so it is well worth it spending £120 to get my deposit back. End of tenancy cleaning prices are formed depending on the clients’ needs too. I have realized that I don’t need my carpet cleaning as I don’t have one but I need my oven spotless for the inspection.

So what I did was contact several agencies and ask them for a bespoke quote that would be right for my needs. This way I was paying for the services I needed rather than for something that is included in the end of tenancy cleaning prices but is not going to be done.

Information about the services and prices of SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning you can see on this page.