Easy solutions for removing crayons from walls

Easy solutions for removing crayons from walls

Our kids are cutie pies and sweethearts and we totally adore them, or at least most of the time. Well, when your rent agreement is coming to an end and you have already planned your move out, you have hired one of the London’s professionals for an end of tenancy cleaning and you have an appointment with the landlord for an inspection, the fact that your kid just drew a masterpiece with crayons on the wall does not make you happy at all. However, when you called the nice people from the cleaning company, they advised you to try removing the stains now, because it would be much easier than if you wait until they arrive two weeks from today. So here are some simple solutions:

Baking soda

You need only a damp rug and some baking soda. Click To Tweet Scrub all the drawings and they should vanish with not so much efforts of yours.

Pencil eraser

crayons-390763_1280Well, this sounds logical, but may as well end up tragically. Use a pencil eraser only after you are completely sure that it won’t leave any more color on the wall. If you have a white one, then you don’t have to worry. But trying to clean the crayons with a red eraser, for instance, may make your wall red at the end and then you will have some more trouble.

Non-gel toothpaste

Ok, you may not have baking soda or erasers at home, but you definitely have toothpaste. Have a little of it and scrub the area carefully. As we know the toothpaste is meant to make your teeth shine, and hopefully the walls, too.

Wet clout

This is the easiest one, but unfortunately not always working, because some crayons are far too stubborn and cannot be washed off so easily.

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