Easy home decoration: mason jars

Easy home decoration: mason jars

You have recently moved in and now you are happy and enthusiastic and you want to make this place lovely, beautiful, and flawless. But this whole move in and out requires so much money, that you now want to make it more homey and cozy without having to spend your whole salary. And as soon as your house is a lot bigger than the place you lived in for ages, you need some little pretty things to put on the shelves, on the walls, here and there. You don’t need sofas and armchairs and tables, you need details, because they are what makes home really home. And here come the jars.

Yeah, they are inexpensive and easy to find – they are literally in every supermarket. And the ways you can use them effectively making them look uniquely are numerous.

On the desk 

You can use masons jars for storing all your pens and pencils, highlighters and scissors. You can paint them in different colors; you can put on them different bows. If you buy jacac74f6bfa79af8d45d63b2f6a027c4brs in different sizes, you can put your pencils, for instance, in the bigger one, and all small things which are, otherwise, scattered on your desk like clamps, and rubbers, and sharpeners, in the smaller one.

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On the dressing table

You have too many make up brushes. Confess it, we all do. And they are all now in different make up bags, which are for their part in different drawers and you are getting mad when you are looking for one of them and you need ages. You can easily cope with this situation with the lovely mason jars. Buy a couple of them and put all the foundation brushes in one, all the blusher and bronzer brushes in other and so on. Easy and beautiful solution.


We all like candles. And we also like having them all around the house. If you put the candles, however, in good-looking mason jars, the effect is impressive. Arrange them then on the night tables, on the shelves in the hallways, in the kitchen, in the bathroom. And when you want to feel more cozy or when you have guests, for instance, light them all, and you will feel magical.


Another easy decoration are definitely the flowers. And mason jars turn easily into vases. Today online you can subscribe for getting flowers every week, and it won’t cost you too much, to have fresh-cut flowers at home any time. It will make it more special and classy.

In the kitchen

Well, as soon as the jars in principle belong to this room, here they can be widely used. You can put, for instance, coffee grains or oatmeal or brown sugar in a jar and then arrange it somewhere obvious. In this way the things you need and use in your everydayness become the perfect decoration. You can also use them as glasses and serve into mason jars, for example, mint lemonade or a smoothie. It’s cute and enthralling.