The reality of being your own boss

The reality of being your own boss

You believe it’s freedom, independence, a chance to be your true and real self, to do what you love (even to let it kill you), being your own boss is perfection. There is nothing like working hours and a boss, who requires far too much, or is unjust, simply annoying or evil in nature. There is no salary and no promotions, no competition and no one lending a back. Not being an employee, is the dream of almost every employee. But what does the entrepreneur think about it?  

You don’t have a monthly salary

Doesn’t this count like an advantage? Well, it might be. But what being your own boss comes with is uncertainty. There would be months in the beginning where you will have to invest, to give more than you want to so that you can make things happen in a way you want them to, so that you can make your dream come true. This means that there would be months when this start-up or business won’t bring you any money and there would be others when you will get more than you have expected and even more than you need. So be prepared!

You will have to work overtime

You know that job you have, from 8:30 to 18:00, the job with strict working hours and breaks, that doesn’t make you satisfied. Yeah, being your own boss means that if you need not to work for an hour, or a day, you can simply not work. But the ugly truth is that you will have to work too often far more than those 8 hours only, you will spend sleepless nights, making plans and working, you will have insomnia and you will be tired, but for some this is so worth it.