The reality of being your own boss


You believe it’s freedom, independence, a chance to be your true and real self, to do what you love (even to let it kill you), being your own boss is perfection. There is nothing like working hours and a boss, who requires far too much, or is unjust, simply annoying or evil in nature. There is no salary and no promotions, no competition and no one lending a back. Not being an employee, is the dream of almost every employee. But what does the entrepreneur think about it?  … continue >>>

Can the guest blogging improve your SEO?


It’s all about guest blogging these days. Since Matt Cutt declared that it is dead, many people have been trying to convince us that it is so alive, useful and successful that it is for now absolutely immortal and in fact to some extent they all are completely right. Till blogs exist and there are people who like sharing their emotions and inviting other people in their little online spaces where these other people may share their emotions and their experience as well, the guest blogging won’t be killed with any means.… continue >>>

To buy or to rent in Halkidiki?


There is a country that is the eternal symbol of tranquility, the perfect calmness itself. There is a country where you can be completely at ease, where your soul finds a home, your body is relieved, your happiness –flawless. Greece. Today the economic crisis is something this country is well-known with, you are reading articles and you are watching TV, seeing too many people on the squares shouting and raising slogans, you may be somehow confused, you may be impressed, but there is something mystical and old that makes this country so attractive and it is not the beautiful endless … continue >>>

Easy solutions for removing crayons from walls


Our kids are cutie pies and sweethearts and we totally adore them, or at least most of the time. Well, when your rent agreement is coming to an end and you have already planned your move out, you have hired one of the London’s professionals for an end of tenancy cleaning and you have an appointment with the landlord for an inspection, the fact that your kid just drew a masterpiece with crayons on the wall does not make you happy at all. However, when you called the nice people from the cleaning company, they advised you to try removing … continue >>>

Five things to get rid of during the end of tenancy cleaning

You are one of the many people around the world who are not keen on the idea of throwing some of their belongings at all, ever. You go to a concert or to a movie, and you like it, you enjoy it so damn much, that the memories you’ve made are simply not enough and you decide to keep your ticket too. You received a wonderful perfume as a gift for your birthday from a nice friend, you haven’t seen in ages. It’s all gone now, but your heart breaks, when you try to get rid of it. You have … continue >>>

Easy home decoration: mason jars


You have recently moved in and now you are happy and enthusiastic and you want to make this place lovely, beautiful, and flawless. But this whole move in and out requires so much money, that you now want to make it more homey and cozy without having to spend your whole salary. And as soon as your house is a lot bigger than the place you lived in for ages, you need some little pretty things to put on the shelves, on the walls, here and there. You don’t need sofas and armchairs and tables, you need details, because they … continue >>>

Is end of tenancy cleaning expensive?

My rental agreement is running out very soon and I am not thinking of renewing it. I have decided to move a bit closer to where I work and to find a property that would better suit my needs. I have already chosen a couple of properties to look at but what worries me is my end of tenancy cleaning which I have to perform at the end of my tenancy agreement. I have never done anything like that as this is my first rental property so I have no idea what I am supposed to do.

Luckily for me, … continue >>>